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Lucia Berte is the quality editor for the American Society of Clinical Pathologists’ (ASCP) journal LabMedicine and wrote a monthly one-page column called “Quality Qorner.” You can download all the columns from 2005 through her last column in January 2010. Click on the ASCP logo or month to see the column as a pdf.

2010 Quality Qorner Article

January 2010       “Recovery From a Customer Service Issue”

2009 Quality Qorner Articles

January 2009        “Quality System Essentials for Life”

February 2009      “Technology Will Solve Our Problems…Not!

March 2009            “Watch Your Quality Garden Grow"

April 2009               “Learning a Second Language “

May 2009                “Lingo Lesson”

June 2009               “Living in Quality”

July 2009                 “Right On!”

August 2009            ”Lingo Lesson 2”

September 2009     “Seven Deadly Sins of Quality Management”

October 2009           “Seven More Deadly Sins…”

November 2009      “Who is the Customer?”

December 2009      “Who is the Customer: Lesson 2”

2008 Quality Qorner Articles

January 2008          “Just for Us”

February 2008        “‘Training’ is Not a Dirty Word!”

March 2008             “From Theory to Application”

April 2008                “Dyhan From the Deccan”

May 2008                  “The Quality Road to Compliance…”

June 2008                “My Two Minutes of Grumble Time”

July 2008                  “Can You Hear It?

August 2008            “Do Get Left Behind!”

September 2008     “Tribute to a Mentor”

October 2008           “Your Colorful New Career”

November 2008     “The Secret Ingredient”

December 2008     “Your New Year’s Breakfast”

2007 Quality Qorner Articles

January 2007          “Lack of Communication”

February 2007        “Getting—and Staying—Organized”

March 2007             “So Many Ways to Learn”

April 2007                “Cairns in the Cow Pies”

May 2007                 “Let’s be Careful out There!”

June 2007               “Quality as Fine Art”

July 2007                 “Drink, Steal, Swear, and Lie”

August 2007            “A Great Wall That Divides”

September 2007    “Lessons from a Legend”

November 2007     "Working Around Workarounds”

December 2007     “Toot Your Horn!”

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