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Lucia Berte is the quality editor for the American Society of Clinical Pathologists’ (ASCP) journal LabMedicine and writes a monthly one-page column called “Quality Qorner.” The ASCP has given permission to provide all the columns from 2006-2005 for you to download. Click on the ASCP logo or month to see the column as a pdf.

2006 Quality Qorner Articles

January 2006            “Knock-Knock! Here We Are!”

February 2006           “Asked and Answered”

March 2006                “Low Carb Documents”

April 2006                   “Don’t Waste Your Lab Away”

May 2006                    “Four Myths That Impede Quality and How to Dispel Them”

June 2006                  “The Power of Process”

July 2006                    “Break the Old Paradigm – Once and For All!”

August 2006              “This Small World”

September 2006       “Is Your Laboratory the ‘Employer of Choice’?”

October 2006             “Quality Redux”

November 2006        "The Problem with Programs”

December 2006        “The Crooked Doorbell”

2005 Quality Qorner Articles

January 2005            “Introducing…the Quality Qorner”

February 2005           “What’s At the Heart of Your Laboratory?”

March 2005                “Sweet Spring Means New Growth”

April 2005                   “An Important New Acronym in Laboratory Medicine”

May 2005                    “Who is the Laboratory’s Customer?”

June 2005                  “Quality—A 3-Legged Stool”

July 2005                    “The Right Word”

August 2005              “The Quality Journey”

September 2005       “Growing Your Laboratory’s Quality Manager”

October 2005             “Simple But Not Easy”

December 2005        “The Gift That Keeps On Giving”

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